If you reside in Wales, most optometrists can also offer a free eye test if:
  • You have an eye problem that needs urgent attention
  • You have sight in one eye only
  • You’re registered as sight impaired
  • You have a hearing impairment and are profoundly deaf
  • You suffer from retinitis pigmentosa.
  • You are of Black or Asian ethnicity
  • Your GP has referred you because they think you may have an eye problem


You can search for an optometrist who provides this service in your area by using the search by area or search by postcode function. 

Emergencies or when you’re worried about changes in your sight

    If you have any concerns at all about your eyes, see a High Street optometrist (also known as an optician) straight away. He or she will tell you if you are eligible for a free eye health examination. Some eye diseases can lead to blindness or some loss of vision, but if detected early enough, your eyesight can often be saved.
    An eye health examination is just that – an examination of the health of your eyes. The optometrist will carefully examine your eyes to see if anything is wrong. The tests and equipment they use will depend on what you tell them and what they find. An eye health examination is more in-depth than and different to a routine vision test, so it may take longer.
    If the optometrist decides you need an eye health examination, it won’t cost you anything.
    You can find an optometrist in most High Streets in Wales. If you have a sight problem, you can go to your existing optometrist (if you have one) or just phone or walk into any practice that is convenient for you to get to. You can find a list of optometrists who can provide which you can search by postcode or area.
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